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Best Yoga Studios In Istanbul

Istanbul is an urban city, it is too much to stress you. But there are many best yoga studios in Istanbul to relax, move, and unwind. The yoga culture in Istanbul is wider with retreats, courses, and international guests. Many tourist visits Istanbul they are always looking for the best yoga studio in Istanbul.

I listed here the best studios you can visit and let’s have a look.

Cihangir Yoga

Cihangir Yoga Studio is famous and the oldest in Istanbul. They conduct different types of yoga like yin, vinyasa, power yoga, ashtanga yoga, and yoga therapy. You can join there as a beginner you don’t need to be flexible more. Also, they offer yoga teacher training if you want to go next level. They always try to give you the best information by the best instructor. You can download their mobile application from a website


Yoga Sala has many branch studios in Istanbul City. The meaning of YogaSala in English is yoga house. The best thing is they have Nisantasi brand on the sixth floor of building where you can learn quietly. They offer hatha, vinyasa, yin and kundilini yoga. Yoga sala hosts yoga teacher from other countries. Best thing is you learn or practice with different kinds of people and the cozy atmosphere of a yoga studio.

Naya Istanbul

Naya Istanbul has a natural wood feeling with island living. You can go there for retreat on Buyukada. They have beautiful apartment with open spaces, with balconies, and daily yoga classes on the wood floor conducted by best instructor. Naya is one of the best yoga studio in Istanbul. Naya is more relaxing. In winter they offer class on demand.

40 Derece Bikram Yoga

If you like getting hot & sweaty in yoga sessions then this is best yoga classe for you in Istanbul. The name of the yoga studio tells you everything. They have best Bikram instructor trained by Bikram Choudhury. In the heat body flushes out all toxins & relax muscles.

When it comes to relaxation in Istanbul I will choose to go best yoga studio in Istanbul to get relax. The yoga culture of Istanbul is vibrant. International people came here, city has more beautiful places.

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