kushal sharma

How i started

One day in felt just stop I need rest then I started practicing yoga in 2018. I don’t know why I didn’t went to gym. I started practicing at home. My name is Kushal, I am mechanical engineer. I grown up with conservative surroundings that I hate. I like new modern & cool things. I learned all from the blogs and videos. I worked in my own farm then I started work for yoga teachers for marketing. Now I am thinking what I can do for myself. I realized in Goa 2022 people likes. 

Starting a journey of learning while also starting LIVEDAILYFIT can be challenging and transformative experience. It opened the door to many life troubles and experiences, and there will undoubtedly be more to come. However these challenges and experiences provide an opportunity for personal growth and development. By thinking more deeply about these situations one can gain valuable insights and learn important lessons that can be applied to both personal and professional aspects of life. It is through these deeper reflections that true understanding and wisdom can be achieved. Let’s Go.

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